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Pet Canva Template Bundle & Product Recommendation Script Prompt Stack


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See exactly how this powerful bundle allows you to easily create high-converting product recommendation videos and social media content with this comprehensive video walkthrough: https://youtu.be/7NEau-KFzKc

Customizable YouTube Canva Video Template

Canva Product Recommendation Video Template
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Bring your product videos to life with our suite of high-converting, ultra-modern Canva video templates guaranteed to captivate your audience. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate:

  • Your branding colors, logos, etc.
  • Voice-over scripts (generated by the AI!)
  • Product images, videos, and more

With multiple styles for different product verticals like pets, tech, beauty, and more, you’ll always have an attention-grabbing template that elevates your brand and sell your offerings.

Article Teasers

Scroll-stopping vertical Canva social media post designs that intrigue readers and drive traffic to your website’s blog posts and product round-ups.

Article teaser image
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Product Recommendation

Eye-catching video pins and reels that put your curated product selections front and center, compelling viewers to click through for more. These templates are optimized for vertical videos.

Product Recommendation vertical video image
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Multi-Platform Social Media Templates

The product marketing doesn’t stop with YouTube! This bundle also includes a full library of social media templates optimized for creating shoppable posts, videos and more across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and other key channels.

These designer-crafted templates come in multiple ratios, allowing you to effortlessly resize each one for various content formats like:

  • Instagram Posts, Reels, Stories
  • Video Pins & Idea Pins for Pinterest
  • Facebook/IG Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • And more!

Each template is tailored to the unique best practices and dimensions of its respective platform, ensuring your visuals and messaging look perfect and drive maximum engagement everywhere you share.

Image Based Posts

This bundle also includes customizable static image post templates for promoting across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more. These designer templates feature scroll-stopping visuals and persuasive AI-generated copy tailored to each platform. With various styles and ratios included, you can effortlessly create a steady stream of eye-catching, shoppable posts guaranteed to drive engagement and sales for your products.

AI Video Script Generator

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Pro ChatGPT AI Prompts

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Never stare at a blank page again! The core of this bundle is an intuitive AI prompt stack that seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge language models like ChatGPT, Claude, and more. Simply input your product details, and let the advanced AI craft high-converting video scripts that speak directly to your audience’s needs.

Each AI-generated script is carefully structured to grab attention with persuasive product descriptions, overcome objections, and compel viewers to take action. Say goodbye to struggling to find the right words – our premade prompts do all the heavy writing for you!

Pro VS The Free YouTube Product Recommendation Video Script Generator Prompts

This prompt stack comprises of two parts, script generator and article generator designed to allow you take advantage of search traffic and also social media traffic.

Video Script Prompts

Prompt Description Availability
Product Summary Generator Creates individual scripts for each product in a series, later merged into a single video script. Free & Pro
Better Video Title Suggestion Suggests optimized video titles for YouTube search and user engagement based on initial ideas. Pro
Video Script Generator Generates voiceover scripts with standard fields for up to 5 products. Free & Pro
Advanced Video Script Generator Generates voiceover scripts with advanced fields for tone, length, conclusions, and supports more products. Pro
Product-focused Social Media Post Script Generator Creates 60-second scripts for vertical video platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram, focused on product promotion with advanced customization. Pro
Article Teaser Social Media Post Script Generator Generates 60-second scripts to promote blog posts on vertical video platforms, driving traffic and awareness with advanced customization. Pro

Article Generation & SEO Prompts

Prompt Description Availability
Article SEO Title and Keywords Generator Generates an SEO-friendly title and relevant keywords for the article based on the topic covered in the video script. Pro
Keyword Strategy Report Provides a comprehensive report on the best keywords to target for the article, based on the keywords and topics covered in the video script. Pro
Write Article Outline Generates a detailed outline for the article based on the structure and main points covered in the video script. Pro
Listicle Article Writer Assists in writing listicle-style articles that complement the video content. Pro
Convert Article to HTML Converts the article from a text format to clean HTML code for publishing on the user’s website or blog. Pro
Key Takeaway Generator Generates a concise summary or key takeaways from the article for use in video descriptions or social media posts. Pro
Image ALT Text Generator Suggests descriptive and SEO-friendly alternative text for images in the article. Pro
Section Expander Expands on specific sections or points in the article, providing additional details and explanations to complement the video content. Pro
Better Conclusion Generator Generates a compelling and engaging conclusion for the article, encouraging readers to engage with the video content. Pro
Internal Linking Suggester Suggests relevant internal links within the article to other pages or posts on the user’s website or blog, creating a cohesive content strategy. Pro
Section Restructuring Assists in rearranging the sections or points in the article for better flow and readability, ensuring the written content complements the video content. Pro
Correct Word Choice Suggests more appropriate or precise word choices for the article, improving clarity and effectiveness of the written content. Pro

Finally, a complete solution to skyrocket your product marketing across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and more! The “Pet Canva Template Bundle & Product Recommendation Script Prompt” is the ultimate toolkit for effortlessly creating videos, posts and more that actually sell.

This game-changing system handles the entire creation process, from AI-generated persuasive scripts to professionally designed Canva video templates to ready-to-use social media templates. It’s the perfect all-in-one system for brands, affiliate marketers, ecommerce sellers – anyone looking to drive more sales through engaging, multimedia product content.

All social posts can leverage the AI-generated descriptions, titles and more from the script prompts for further optimization.

Why This All-In-One Bundle?

  • Eliminate wasted time & effort on creating content
  • Proven templates & AI ensure high-converting results
  • Consistent branding across YouTube & social channels
  • Newbie-friendly with video demos & walkthroughs
  • Unlimited updates as styles & platforms evolve

With writing, design and optimization handled in one turnkey system, all you need to do is click the “Buy Now” button. Stop spinning your wheels on ineffective product marketing efforts – let this system do the heavy lifting to drive real sales!

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